Hit the Deck (1955): A Few of My Favorite Things

Hubert Osborne's 1922 play Shore Leave might not have the name recognition of The Glass Menagerie or The Crucible, but it has inspired a wealth of material nonetheless, starting with a 1925 Richard Barthelmess film. In 1927, Hit the Deck, a musical based on Shore Leave that sported a Vincent Youmans score, premiered on Broadway. In 1930, RKO produced a faithful film version of Hit the Deck that starred Jack Oakie and featured color sequences, making it one of the year's most expensive films. Six years later, the studio returned to the property to make the Astaire-Rogers classic Follow the Fleet, a very loose adaptation that replaced the original score with fantastic Irving Berlin music.

Then, in 1955, MGM dusted off Hit the Deck to create a star-studded Technicolor confection featuring Tony Martin, Russ Tamblyn, and Vic Damone as three sailors on leave and Ann Miller, Debbie Reynolds, and Jane Powell as the women they love. MGM's Hit the Deck makes quite a few changes fro…